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Born in 1986 in the west of France, where nature is omnipresent, Jessica Sansiquet was sensitized from an early age to drawing, fauna and flora. After studying art, it's therefore natural that she turned to animal painting and has been involved in it daily since 2009.

Jessica Sansiquet works in acrylic with effects of materials, her touches with a painter's knife indeed allow to create impasto and a certain spontaneity while her brushwork brings subtle details, in particular in the eyes. His innovative works combine abstraction and realism, thus transmitting all the power and delicacy of his subjects.

Fervent protector of the animal world, she seeks, through her works, to create a questioning and an awareness, on this world in danger. For this, she's committed to the animal cause through various charitable events and by donating a percentage on the sale of her reproductions to an association (ASPAS for 2023).

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