A 33-year-old painter, I grew up in the French Poitevine countryside (where I currently reside) in a close and loving family that respects life in all its forms.


It's been 10 years since I devote myself entirely to my passion: painting.

My training in artistic fields allowed me to acquire a certain mastery and artistic freedom that is constantly developing.


I devote myself to the animal world, for that I work with acrylic with effects of materials. I appreciate finding reliefs on my paintings but also subtle detals, in particular in the eyes. I like to bring that touch of realism into the eyes of my subjects to give them all their strength and depth.


Fervent defender of the animal cause (I am also a member of the association "ArAnima" for the defense of animals and biodiviersity), I seek, through my works, to create a question and an awareness, on this world in peril, in people who will stop in front of my paintings.


Today, through a passion that has become a profession, I can make animals talks who they are not heard and who have never needed help so much.